Ep. 22 // Exchanging Polished for powerful

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This week Nichole talks to a close friend, client, and fellow business owner, Lindsey Nadler.

This incredible woman went from a high-stakes career as a police officer, to starting a non-profit that helped victims of trafficking, to CEO of an empowerment company.

Anyone looking to create multiple streams of income and build a brand they love will want to listen to this episode all the way through.


Former police officer turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, online coach and CEO, Lindsey Nadler is on a mission to show as many women as possible how to make their passion pay them and confidently take back their power. Lindsey brings over a decade of experience in online marketing, leadership, and business acumen to the table & has earned over 7 figures via the direct sales industry, created multiple, profitable six-figure businesses from scratch, and has built a brand that expands from coaching to E-commerce. Her drive and passion to empower women to live life by design have shaped her signature, no B.S., tough yet tender perspective of life that allows her to inspire and equip women in search of more for their lives.

Listen to her podcast: Make Your Passion Pay You

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