$75 Open Studio Headshot Day

every 2nd wednesday


no appointment

2 retouched images

White or gray backdrop

Attn: We have moved!

8973 W Ardene St. Boise, Idaho 83709 
(Near the Overland and Maple Grove Intersection)

Need headshots for your whole team?

Our open studio headshot day is the best option for a single headshot or a small team. However if you have more than 10 people that need headshots, we are happy to book a custom headshot photoshoot. You can book time at the studio or we can come to you and setup our lighting and a backdrop  in your space. 

Custom headshots are $100/person and we have 10 person or $1000 minimum. 

We work with many large teams like law and real estate offices. We love to do the bulk of the team all at once to ensure consistency in the photos, but then you can always send people down to our open studio headshot day for future new hires, or if someone changes their hairstyle and needs an updated photo. 

We are happy to setup an account and bill the company monthly for anyone who comes in.

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