Hey business owner,


(It's seriously a game changer!)

You can reach those customers without obsessing over the perfect grid, hashtags, or times to post, and without spending hours on social media each week. 

And, even if you’re allergic to tech.

If you have just one happy customer so far,
we're here to tell you that

There are thousands more just like them.

I'm ready

“I have big ideas on what I want to do, and now I have a CLEAR IDEA and plan on how to create content for my dream customer."


Here's What You Need:

Identify what makes you awesome.

Sounds simple right? Many brands don't know what their really-cool-thing is, and if they do- they don't know how to talk about it in a way that makes sense.

Know (like REALLY know) your dream customer.

Understanding them on a new level means knowing what makes them fall in love with a brand, and what problems your product/service can solve for them.

Define your brand's voice and visuals

A comprehensive branding guide keeps everyone on the same page so that you can delegate content creation to anyone and ensure that it will be on-brand.

Share a consistent and balanced brand story on your social media channels

By planning ahead, you not only give yourself back hours of worrying about what to post, but you also ensure that your content is intentional and well. balanced.

a multi-page brand guide that lays out rules about your brand's voice + visuals

Having consistent and cohesive brand visuals is important when building a brand that even strangers can trust. Walk away with a filled out brand guide using our 32 page gorgeous Canva template that you can share with anyone who's creating on behalf of your business.

The only immersive 2 day brand overhaul that aligns your voice and visuals. The result: A machine that churns out intentional, meaningful content that attracts real-life paying customers and brand evangelists. On repeat. Forever.

unbreakable brand

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Part One

Begin by setting intentions and understanding the psychology that goes into branding, and what makes a loyal customer. Discover what makes you stand out in your industry and how you can lean into it.

all about the brand

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Part Two

Take the typical customer avatar lesson you might get in business school... take out the gross parts, add a lot more intention, and then get to work with our proven prompts and activities that will have you speaking to them in a way that finally hits home. (It's actually a whole lotta fun!)

Plus we'll give you the formula for how to meet your dream customer where they're at in the customer journey, and tactical tools that relate to what's working right now on social media to do just that.

your dream customer

sounds amazing!

Part Three

Once you've tackled every question, objection, pain point, and motivator that your dream customers might have related to your product or service, it's time to brainstorm tons of content ideas based on it. Our guided lessons and questionnaires will have you planning, creating, and automating more content than you ever thought possible.

Inside module 3, we'll also show you how to craft a memorable brand bio and origin story that will become your most powerful marketing tool yet.


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Part Four

Once you've identified your brand voice and some seriously solid messaging, it's time to add thoughtful visuals that bring it all home. In this module, we'll show you what makes a successful visual brand and what you'll need in order to craft a comprehensive brand guide. We'll also go over how to source visuals, plan your next brand photoshoot, and create an Instagram grid that fosters brand recognition.

connecting visuals

sounds amazing!

Part five

This is the most satisfying thing you'll ever do for your business! Imagine how good it will feel when you have everything about your brand voice and visuals all laid out in a gorgeous multi-page booklet and ready to share with your team or freelancers when you're ready to enlist help in your content creation. Use our template and step-by-step tutorials to create your brand style guide, and then get it printed as a gorgeous physical asset if you choose to.

build your brand guide

We own and operate a vibrant brand strategy and photography studio in Boise, Idaho where we serve hundreds of small business owners every year. 

We know why we started our business over 13 years ago. 

We were in pursuit of one thing… Freedom. 

When we filed for our business name, printed business cards, and opened our bank accounts, we had some serious rose colored lenses on.

Visions of flexible schedules and working from our vacation homes while sipping margaritas and counting our money were clouding our field of view.

After years of trial and error, wins and losses, highs and lows… we are still here. Still growing, learning, but now truly living the life that we visualized and more profitable than we ever imagined.

Our expertise and understanding of branding gets all the credit. It’s how we’ve been able to start, build, and scale multiple businesses, and now we help others do the same.

We absolutely LOVE what we do. And it’s still hard work. (Like, really hard some days!) But we wouldn’t have it any other way. The entrepreneur life chose us, and we’re living proof that you can create the business of your dreams.

AND the vacation homes. ;)

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What will your business look like when...

quick question

Your Instagram DMs are filled with inquiries from real potential clients?

Nightmare clients are a thing of the past. You’re now able to be choosy about who you work with, and you only attract more dream customers?

You’re finally confident about raising your prices because your brand voice and visuals are elevated and support a premium product?

You have a brand guide that lays out your brand's voice + visuals. Never wonder what fonts, colors, or logos to use on a design. have a guide at your fingertips to send off to contracted creatives like copywriters, photographers, and graphic designers so that anyone can create on-brand assets for you.

You have 90 days of intentional content written, photographed and scheduled?

get started!

from Madi

"After 1 lesson, I had a huge breakthrough moment on my branding and messaging."

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"Frannie  and Nichole bring lots of energy and knowledge to the table in easily digestible bites."

from heather

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can adapt to whatever technology, trend, or update comes next.

"The Unbreakable Brand was everything I needed and more!

I have taken a lot of branding classes and this was THE MOST helpful and most understandable! My favorite part was understanding my "RCT" (really cool thing--the thing that sets me apart from my competitors). I am so thankful for Nichole and Frannie for sharing their knowledge and wisdom. They are living in their zone of genius and are so so brilliant! Thank you for sharing with me! I am so excited to implement everything I have learned."


take action!

brittany brands (with the best last name) is crushing it in growing her real estate business.

"I really learned a lot and felt the information was incredibly valuable.

 It is driving how I'm developing and writing content and how I am going to talk to my clients. It is also giving me many ideas about how I can expand services to meet some of the common needs expressed. Developing buckets as a way to break down content, and batching out social content is so much easier now."



"I used to dread the 'visuals' for my business, and now I love creating my own digital assets.

I constantly need specific photos for social media, email or my website, as well as designed graphics. I used to grab whatever template caught my attention, and it felt like a hodge-podge of a brand identity. This forced me to sit down and get my s#!t together!


KALEY now loves her cohesive and consistent brand image

more love for the program

"Y’all. I was on the fence about joining since I was a wannabe small business owner, but I’m so freaking glad I did."

- erin C.

As brand photographers, we noticed that most of the businesses coming to us for photos didn't really know WHAT they wanted photos of. What they DON'T need is a glorified senior photo session where they get a hundred shots of them in the same outfit making slightly different expressions.

We now guide many of our clients through a brand discovery deep-dive to help us figure out together who they're speaking to, what they should focus their messaging on, and then come up with tons of content ideas. Then we use those ideas to craft a shots list that yields the most efficient and variety-filled photoshoot possible.

Our 1:1 "Brandstorming Sessions" were born as a pre-production tool, and they've turned into our most sought after service. We currently charge $2500+ for this consulting service, and have limited availability.

That's why we created The Unbreakable Brand. It's the same process that we guide our clients through in Brandstorming. But you can do it on your own with your team and have all the same break throughs.


You have 90 days of intentional social media content planned for your business and ready to start batch creating.

The question, “What do you do?” doesn’t make you cringe, but instead you know exactly how to answer it leaving the other person saying,
“OMG I need that!”

you have a solid game plan on how to attract your dream customers and earn trust and brand loyalty.

you know your dream customer intimately, and that your offerings are designed with them in mind. You’re confident that they will benefit most from working with you over anyone else.

The thought, “I know I need to post on social, but I don’t know what!” no longer crosses your mind.

You have a PDF brand guide ready to send to anyone that is creating content on behalf of your business.

imagine if in
just 2 days

let's go

"I first met Frannie and Nichole a year ago when I was *thinking* about launching an online class. I had no idea what I was doing, and they walked me through the importance of a cohesive brand look and feel. They are absolutely incredible! If you're on the fence about The Unbreakable Brand, GO FOR IT! You will NOT be disappointed! They use a common sense, easily understandable approach to teaching. They give you practical, actionable tools to immediately implement in your business."

- laurie reynoldson, midlife coach

The Unbreakable Brand is the only workshop of its kind because...

it combines deep brand work, the psychology of marketing, and the how-to.

It's created by brand photographers who have real-world experience doing this work and getting results for clients.

This program was born out of our most popular 1:1 service, our Signature Brandstorming Sessions that we do with our clients before we ever pick up a camera. You'll be getting an even richer experience than what our Brandstorming sessions entail just because of the nature of this format. We can go much deeper in this program simply because we have more time with you. You can absolutely pick and choose the parts that are going to most benefit your business, but we recommend staying the course- lesson by lesson for maximum benefits.

here's what we know for sure.


If you want to play the long game, stop wasting your time on instant gratification tactics. Let's build an Unbreakable Brand that connects you to the people who need you most!

(Oh ya, the likes and comments will increase as a by-product of doing so.)

Actually being ahead of your social media posting game

Building a system for outsourcing and delegating content

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up

finally setting rules around your brand's voice + visuals and stop grabbing random canva templates

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability

Feeling more balanced, excited, and proud of the messaging and content that you're putting out into the world through social media

If you want this  to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

it's time to jump in

This      for you if

you're in it for the long game

you want a quick fix
(spoiler: those don't work)

you'd like to develop a system that you can
put on repeat forever

you want another done-for-you social media content calendar

you want to grow your team or be able 
to enlist help from sub-contractors
while still keeping things on-brand.

you just want to learn how to "hack" the algorithm to get more likes.



It's probably        for you if

Let's do
this thing.

if you've made it this far, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I'm super busy, how much time will this require of me?

For the past few years, we've delivered this course in a week-by-week group coaching program but we've changed things up so that you can dive in and rip the bandaid off! We recommend setting aside 2 days to focus completely on this work. Get into that deep work flow that we entrepreneurs love so much, and don't come out until you have an Unbreakable Brand. Doesn't that sound good? 2 days now for a lifetime of decisions later that are already made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm a new business and don't even have a logo yet?

This is the PERFECT start for you! So many people tell us that they wish they had done all of this at the start of their businesses. So wherever you're at in your journey, this system will help take you to the next level. Resist the urge to start designing your logo. It's a common misconception that a logo is the first step in starting a business. Do the work on your voice first- then visuals, and you'll thank yourself later!

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

Only serious business people wanted! If you've made it this far, we're guessing you are ready to take your content creation into your own hands, wrap your arms around your business, and start kicking ass this quarter! 

Due to the nature of this product, and that we're giving you full access when you purchase- we do not offer any refunds. You'll get out of it what you put in. We're confident that if you follow our lead, and don't skip any important parts, you'll experience countless breakthroughs and a-ha moments that will catapult your brand right away.

Will I get lifetime access?

We don’t plan on this going anywhere, but it might get updated down the road and you’ll get access to it in all of its forms. If we ever decide to retire the material (which we don't plan on anytime soon), you'll have at least 3 months notice to get in and download everything one last time.

I am really not creative. Are you sure I can do this?

Stop being so hard on yourself! You are too creative, you started a business that didn't exist before! (at least not in the current state that it's in.) We believe in you, and your ability to create beautiful content that will speak to your dream customers.

We have taught this system to all walks of life. From tech-Savvy Gen-Z-ers, to late-to-the-game Baby Boomers. We've had A Festival-Fashion-Wear-Designer, Bowling Center Manager, MANY Real Estate Agents, a Soap Maker, even an Accountant... No matter where you're starting in your creative journey, it can only get better. And don't worry- we'll be there to help along the way!

Do you teach about how to get more followers?

This is NOT your "Get 10k new followers in 30 days!" course. There are plenty of those out there... in fact, I'll give you the cliffs notes to those other classes right now. It sounds something like this: "Post more frequently. Have visually appealing images. Like and Comment on other accounts. Show up every day. Post photos of yourself. Write engaging captions!..."

Great! So, they tell you what to do, and then you're left wondering where the heck you're supposed to get these amazing images, and what are you supposed to say to get engagement, and then how to turn those followers into actual loyal customers. That's where The Unbreakable Brand framework comes to the rescue.

While it's true, growing an engaging following can contribute to your brand's validity and social street-cred, it shouldn't be the top of your priorities. Communicating REAL, meaningful brand messaging to your followers and potential customers is where you need to start whether you have 10 followers or 10K.

While this course is NOT going to teach you how to trick the Instagram algorithm, and other hacks to growing huge + fast... it WILL give you the tools to organically grow, and create a library of pure gold to keep at your fingertips. And, If you build it- they will come! 

What do I get when I join?

A personal login to your dashboard that will keep you on track through the course with video lessons and PDF downloads added each week. (You'll get instant access to week 1 so you can get started right now!)

Our 32 page Canva template Voice + Visual brand guide. Once this is filled out, you can easily send the PDF version off to anyone creating content on your behalf. We even show you how to order a physical book version of it too so that you can have that tangible pay-off at the end. SO SATISFYING!

chat with the team

Want to make sure that The Unbreakable Brand is right for you? We'd love to hear more about your business and what's holding you back from joining us. If it's not right for you, we'll totally let you know. Our dream students are the ones who will most benefit from joining this program, so you'll get our honest opinion.

still not sure?