Ep. 10 // The Skill of Speaking

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Frannie chats with speaking coach and friend, Heather Sager about transforming thoughts and ideas into words and actions.

Heather discusses the myth of perfection when it comes to public speaking and how to get over the self-made hurdles that hold you back.

About Heather

If you were to ask heather to wrap herself up in one sentence it would probably be “board game addict, book nerd, carbonara pro, passion pusher, and no stranger to the stage.”

Over the past 15 years, Heather has delivered 1000+ presentations and helped hundreds of business owners get over their speaking paralysis.

After spending a decade knee-deep in the execution of large-scale conferences for a startup (that later sold for $160M), Heather walked away with experience in…

  • Planning every single, teeny-tiny detail of each event (down to hiring each speaker)
  • Making executive decisions as a VP of Learning & Development to ensure each event generated great ROI for the organization (and I know what makes hiring speakers “worth it” for higher-ups)
  • Speaking on stage to train business owners in sales, leadership, and communication (including how to keep people engaged 101% of the time)

She learned that the knowledge she had gained in those years would be invaluable to business owners and professionals all over the world— that’s how Team Heather Sager was formed.

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