ep. 9 // Infusing Personality Into Your Brand

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Frannie and Nichole sit down with Kelci Douglas, owner of Sherose, a Boise-based social media and brand marketing company, to chat about the importance of infusing personality into a brand, and how to find that sweet spot of just how much of your personal life you want to show on your brand Insta.

About Kelci

Sherose started from an honest and open coffee shop conversation with a biz gal pal. This is when Kelci realized the true importance of genuine connections in business.

She saw female entrepreneurs struggling to make authentic connections online with their ideal clients as well as other women with whom they felt safe sharing the ins and outs of their business.

Kelci built SHEROSE helps female entrepreneurs build the life and business of their dreams with a strategy-backed foundation + intentional marketing methods that allow their clients to create real connections with their ideal clients online.

When she isn’t working hard on client content, she is at the gym (self proclaimed “fitness freak”) or at home cooking up a storm with her two labs.

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