EP. 46 // How she grew her personal brand on Instagram

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Skye Hamilton has made a full time career out of creating content for Instagram. Skye explains how a post about hydrangeas went viral and kicked off her home and garden brand that pays the bills.

Skye shares the ins and outs of managing a large following, and what it’s really like being a full-time creator.


Skye is an interior designer by trade and while gardening used to be just a hobby, her claim to fame on Instagram is gardening.

For Skye, it all started with hydrangeas. Many Idahoans collectively agree that the ever beloved ball-shaped flowers that are popular in landscaping designs and floral arrangements are “not possible to grow in the Treasure Valley”. Hamilton has grown an Instagram following – *44.4k in a year (now 109k) – proving that theory wrong. On her platform, she shares how to plan, execute and maintain a vast variety of hydrangeas that are located right on her gorgeous Eagle, Idaho property.

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