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brand camp! july 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ BRAND CAMP! JULY 15-19 ~ 

...and being able to deploy a team of creatives who can uphold your brand standards, so that you can get back to the reason you started your business in the first place!!

(Without hiring a fancy marketing firm, paying a designer thousands of dollars, and even if you’re allergic to tech.)

IT CAN ALMOST create it's
own content!

sounds awesome, i'm in!

👯‍♀️ WHO:
Frannie, Nichole, our team of really cool camp counselors + a bunch of other small biz owners like yourself.

Brand Camp is the world's greatest 5 day challenge that workshops your brand... we're sure of it! Live trainings each day, prizes, and feedback on your work.

The conversation and videos are hosted in a private member's only Slack workspace. It's actually open now so you can get inside and start meeting your fellow campers before we get started.

Live trainings and support will be July 15th-19th, 2024. The live trainings will be held at 1pm (MST) M-F, and the replays will be available through  Monday, July 22nd.

🤷‍♀️ WHY:
SO many business owners who are really good at whatever it is that they do... aren't necessarily good at branding and marketing. So we have created Brand Camp to be the kickstarter to figuring out what's working and what could use a little re-tooling!

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Perhaps you've done the obvious thing and had a logo designed...

Perhaps you've done the obvious thing and had a logo designed...

The fact is most small businesses don’t ever create a brand guide.

Here’s why that can be a massive problem:

What a few of our past campers have said about

“"Y’all. I was on the fence about attending Brand Camp since I’m a wannabe small business owner, but I’m so freaking glad I did.

Nichole and Frannie believe in what they teach, but what makes them different is that they’re AVAILABLE. They didn’t spend hours putting together killer content to simply send out in a email- they were in the group chatting, learning, and encouraging just like everyone else.

They provided information, honest feedback, and a safe space for everyone to bounce their ideas around, and It’s not often that you find that combination, so if you have the opportunity to learn from them, DO IT!"

-Erin c.

You gotta read this one...

And we help business owners who think they can do everything themselves create a brand that isn’t a hot mess!

We focus on putting intention behind brand decisions when it comes to presenting yourself, and your products/services online.

sounds real nice!


It all starts with your clear brand message. So if you feel like you want to curl up in a ball when someone casually asks you, “What do you do?!” then you need this immediately!

Have the perfect words in your back pocket- to not only be able to explain what you do, but to leave them thinking, “I TOTALLY NEED THAT!” 

define your clear brand message

I'm ready!


It makes sense. You’re a business owner, and you’re really good at what you do.

But maybe design and marketing isn’t that. You don’t know what you don’t know, but once we point out the most common faux pas, you’ll know what to avoid, and unfortunately you’ll start seeing them all over the place!

Sorry in advance. 


That's it.... i'm in!


Before we start working with new clients, we always conduct a brand audit for them.

This tells us where they’re starting, what is already working really well, and what areas need improvement first.

It’s a great place to start getting your brand in order.

conduct a brand audit

That does sound pretty good!


Now that you have a starting point and you're beginning to get your ducks in rows, it's time to start putting together a brand guide.

We'll go through all the components that go into it and help you get started on your very own!

Your business and team will thank you.


Ok, I'm listening!


We’ll be answering all of your burning brand questions during this live session.

Use this time to learn from watching others get coaching from Frannie + Nichole, or bring your questions and your brand to the table.

This is often our campers’ favorite session!

Live hot seats and Q+A sessions

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every day!

Join the Brand Camp Slack Workspace to interact with your coaches, counselors, and fellow campers all week!

Make lifelong friendships with like minded business owners, and get eyes on your brand for valuable feedback.

This is your safe space to test ideas on us and each other before you release them into the wild!

access to your coaches

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brand camp starts on july 15th