EP. 40 // Building A Purpose Driven Brand with Jennie Myers

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Jennie Myers and Brad Weigle, Co-Owners of Against

Jennie Myers of Against, a Boise based media company, joins Frannie and Nichole to discuss how she (and her business partner, Brad Weigle) took their creativity, knowledge and passion and created a company they’d want to work at.

The marketing world is polluted with so many skeezy, scammy techniques to sell you pure junk, so talking to creatives like Jennie is such a breath of fresh air!⁠

About Jennie

Humans are the sum of their life experiences and Jennie has been collecting adventures like kids collect special rocks. She’s branded cattle on a remote ranch in Wyoming, studied visual communication in Switzerland, trekked to the top of China, lobbied for human rights in Washington, competed in national fitness competitions, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and earned her way to the top of mountains.

She is always game for a new adventure and loves testing the elasticity of her comfort zone. She sees an educational opportunity in every failure and always opts to see the opportunity side of a problem. She is a creative constructionista, hardcore optimist, problem ponderer, bushy-tailed-wild-eyed-workaholic, nosher of new, left brain/right brain mixologist, endlessly-curious attempting curiously-endless, “what-if” wielder.

By day, Jennie spins creative strategies for Against, a creative agency in ‘exotic’ Boise, Idaho. As Co-Founder she balances the business and creative output of the company, spending her days translating business strategy into human insight and human insight into creative storytelling.

When she’s not at the agency you can find her coaching and teaching students at Boise State. As Co-Creator of the Certificate of Innovation and Design in the College of Innovation and Design, she helps students to reach their full creative potential and find creative confidence.

Jennie has 20 years advertising, branding, and marketing experience, a BFA and MBA.