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Nichole and Frannie talk shop. All things branding, business, and life as creative entrepreneurs, moms, and friends.

Join us and inspirational guests every week to have candid conversations about growing a business by building an unbreakable brand. New episodes released every Tuesday. 

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Entrepreneurship can feel lonely sometimes and you're craving some business besties!

You're curious how others do things in business, and you appreciate candid honesty and transparency.

You want to be in-the-know about social media and marketing trends, but you just want to get the notes from one source that you can trust!


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Obsessed! It’s like hanging with your biz besties every week.
I can’t believe it’s taken so long for Frannie and Nichole to start a show, but goooodness it was worth the wait!

From the very first episode, they had me hooked! Their banter, random tangents and stories keep you entertained, and you definitely get “something businessy” in every episode.

Calling it now— this is going to be a top podcast for entrepreneurial women growing their brands online 🤩

Lightbulb Moment in today’s episode on trust!
I am in the midst of this episode now and so many logical yet epiphany moments are happening as you speak!!! For as much as we planned, organized and communicated - I’m missing a few key opportunities to show potential clients who we are in a consistent, relatable, simple ways to further build long term trust in our brand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed to hear this today and now feel like I’ve got a bit more to deepen HOW we offer ourselves. 

Best of the best
I have already learned so much from these crazy two.
12/10 recommend for real raw valuable content.

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