Finding your brand voice

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Almost every movie with talking animals has a big dog speaking with a deep, stern voice. That is, until Pixar created “Up.” The Golden Retriever joins the journey and immediately speaks in a silly, squeaky voice. Somehow, no matter how many times you watch that scene, it never fails to make you giggle.

Why is that?

His voice catches you off-guard because it doesn’t match his body. And it’s the same thing for your business.

We teach our clients that every part of their brand should be CONSISTENT! Yep, that means your branding is more than just visual assets like your logo; it’s how you speak and write too. And just like the dog on Up, if your voice doesn’t match your visual branding it gets confusing and seems silly to your audience.

If you’re worried that your voice and visuals don’t match up, there are a few things you can do to create consistency within your brand.

Identify Your Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client? Go ahead and name them, give them a whole life and a career. They’re going to be the person you’re going to talk to when you create content. It might seem a little strange, but it’s actually an awesome exercise to figure out what information to share with your clients/audience.

Think about it, you’d tell entirely different stories to a friend who you’ve known your whole life as opposed to a friend you just met. Similarly, you would share different information with new clients as opposed to clients who have worked with you for years.

Don’t worry, creating a singular person to talk to doesn’t pigeonhole you to only attract that customer. The information and stories you share with your ideal client will also resonate with other potential clients. So dig deep and create your absolute perfect client– then just talk to them!

How Do You Want To Position Yourself?

How do you want your clients to view you and your brand? Do you want to be known for being fun and playful, serious and sophisticated? Write down a few words that you want your clients to think of when they describe you to their friends. These descriptive words will help you keep a consistent tone within your captions.

For example, if you want your clients to see you as relatable and trendy, you might talk about emerging fashion trends and where to find affordable purchasing options. Or, if you want to be seen as knowledgeable and successful in your field, you might talk about the lessons you learned while your career was taking off and tips for ways to be efficient in your field.

Step Back and See If the Shoe Fits

Now that you know who you’re talking to and what your tone will be, it’s time to check to see if your visuals match your voice. The words you chose to describe your tone, should also describe your visuals. Relatable and trendy? Maybe an Instagram vs. reality photo of a night out would be an engaging post. Knowledgeable and successful? A photo of yourself on a stage speaking to a crowd or leading your team in a meeting might be a good visual to represent your voice.

Ultimately, the goal is to make your voice unique and tailored to who you want to attract. And hey, if it attracts your ideal customer, use fun phrases and emojis! Just make sure to keep it consistent.