What the heck do I post during a pandemic?

listen to something businessy
on apple podcasts and spotify


I’m not going to lie, I have been staring at this blinking cursor longer than I would like to admit…

Even as a company that coaches our clients on how THEY should be showing up as a business… COVID-19 has us at a loss for words.

It’s the question that small businesses everywhere are asking themselves: “How the heck should I be showing up right now?” And if you are like us, you might feel like you have had your own head in the sand. How do we coach people on what to say when we are actually speechless? The truth is, no one has the “right” answer, and there is no actual “right” answer- because nothing like this has happened in our lifetime…we just have to figure this out together.

Now is the time to re-align our brand values and operate from that place…so where do you start? Here are a few things that we have gathered from some of our favorite mentors, that we are implementing in our own lives and business.


On our favorite mindset podcast: The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo, Brooke was talking about all of her spring plans that were cancelled, including an in-person conference that many of her students lost money for their flights. She voiced that she was feeling a little depressed about all of it. After her story, I thought for sure she was going to say to ‘buck up and get over it’- but to my surprise, she said “GUYS- IT’S NORMAL AND OKAY TO FEEL DEPRESSED, let yourself feel your feelings and then move FORWARD.

Wow- sounds simple, but I didn’t realize that I needed to allow myself the permission to feel these disappointments I was having about canceled plans in life and in our business. Let yourself FEEL your feelings, but then, it’s time to PIVOT. How can you get to a space of positivity and motivation? Giving yourself a reality check: “how is this actually going to affect my business, and how am I preparing myself to kick ass when it’s all over?”

(Check out Brooke’s podcast episodes: Handling Chaos, 6 part series)

Over-consumption is a slippery slope. It is easier than ever to get sucked into “the scroll” of overconsumption on social media. Make it a point to create more than you consume. Now is the time to wrap your mind around what all of this means for you and your business and how you can CREATE! Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do to up-level your business.

What can you learn?

How can you pivot?

How can you adapt?

What can you create?


To piggyback on the idea of creating— how can you create in an avenue that serves your people? Think about your ideal customer and put yourselves in their shoes: maybe they are stuck at home with their kids that are out of school? Maybe they could use entertainment? Maybe they could use productivity tips? Maybe they could a personal email from you? Maybe they need to know what local businesses are offering dinner delivery…

What can you share?

How can you give back?

What can you teach?

How can you inspire?

I know you are probably sick of hearing this, but it’s too important not to mention. Put deposits back in your bank. For the time that you are spending in less-positive or anxiety-inducing activities, do at least an equal amount of something that deposits back in. Move your body, meditate, get some fresh air, laugh, listen to a positive podcast, or read.


SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES (and let people know how they can support YOU!)
1. Repost/shout-out on social media
2. Refer a friend to your favorite small businesses
3. Utilize opportunities to shop small online or buy a gift certificate to use later
4. Use your time to write a positive review/testimonial

It is so important that we are supporting each other as a community and not operating out of scarcity.


You guys- we are all facing uncertain times right now. Meet people where they are at, and be as authentic as you can. To pretend it isn’t happening is doing everyone a disservice. Now is the time for transparency and realness. Let people know how they can support you too- people want to help! Putting your realness out there is humanity at its core- and people are craving human connection so much right now.


Don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet. Stay in your lane. Focus on your own goals and be that strong leader in your industry. Time to dive deep within your brand values and trust your gut— it doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing!

You know this is the bread and butter to everything we teach as brand coaches. You have to be intentional in everything you are doing as a brand. Stand up for your business and show up in a way that is deliberate. That will mean some recalibration of your “regularly scheduled programming,” and that’s totally okay! But you need to be showing up for your people… you might have just the perfect thing that even one person needs to hear. People are looking for leadership right now, and we know that so many of our clients have served as thought-leaders in their industry. Now is the time to pivot and keep showing up the best way you can.

That being said, posting less is fine right now. The algorithm is smart, and even if you are only posting a few times a week during this cray time- the right people will see you.