How to Sell Like Apple

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We watched the latest Apple Keynote, and aside from being totally sold on the latest iPhone, we also noticed a few cool sales tactics we wanted to share with you.  

These keynotes are actually a sales pitch. They’re showing you products you already know and love (and in some cases, need) and then telling you that if you purchase their product, you could have all these new features. Even though you’re probably not going to be presenting a 90-minute explanation of your newest product/service, there is still something to say about the methods Apple uses!


You are busy too and if you have a team… use them! Chances are you aren’t the ONLY qualified person on your team!

The Apple Keynote starts with a welcoming message from the CEO. But when products are announced you hear from directors, project leaders and managers who are actually hands-on in the day-to-day. There is something powerful about hearing from the people who put blood, sweat and tears into releasing a new product.

As a business owner, you are certainly the most invested in your company and because of that, you’re likely the most knowledgeable on new products and services. But that doesn’t mean you’re the only knowledgeable person. 

Think about it, you probably hired an awesome team to help you in different aspects of your company. If they’ve been there for the process of creating and implementing this new product or service, you can totally lean on them to do discovery calls, work directly with clients, or even help with marketing! Leaning on your employees to talk about the part they played shows your customers that qualified people are behind these innovative ideas. (It will also strengthen your relationships with your employees— because it shows them that you’re proud of their accomplishments.)


We know what we’re going to get from Apple. Every. Dang. Time. Because they tell us. They break it down so that every possible question is answered. Your sales pitch should do that, too. 

If you anticipate the questions that will arise from your product/service, you can get ahead of the questions by offering the answers within your pitch. That way, when you present your product/service, your customers will know exactly what to expect when they purchase. 

For example, you’re a professional organizer who is offering a new service. When a client calls you to talk about your offerings, you’ll want to explain in detail what your new service offers and how you’re planning on executing those offers. This way, when the client chooses you to spend their money with, they know exactly what to expect. 


Let’s be honest, Apple wouldn’t be able to keep us entertained for a 50-minute keynote presentation without some killer visuals. I mean come on, did you see that cinematic video feature? When the content is likely to go over most people’s heads (what the heck is an A15 chip?), rely on the visuals to tell the story for you. Demonstrate what you’re talking about with graphics, photo, and video whenever you’re using industry lingo that your ideal customer might not understand.  


You come into that Apple Keynote knowing that your favorite product got an upgrade, but when they use verbiage like “The Biggest Upgrade Yet” and “Never Seen Before Technology,” they get you super excited! 

You are the master of your product/service. So show people why they should be excited about it! Did you add a new bonus to your signature service? Is it “The Best Deal [your company] Has Ever Offered” or “The First ____ In Your City?” The way you present your offerings directly correlates to sales. So make sure to get stoked when you share what’s new and innovative about your product/service.

Also, you should outwardly show how proud and excited you are about what you’ve created! It’s easy to feel like something is old news by the time you launch because you feel like you’ve been working on it forever, but be proud, you did this thing and you should be proud of yourself and your team! And it’s brand spankin’ new for your audience, so take a fresh approach and join them in the novelty and excitement.

So there you have it! Even if you’re not selling the latest smartphone or tablet, your pitch (or how you present your product) can make or break a launch. By utilizing your team, details, visuals, verbiage and your genuine excitement, you can leave customers feeling like they are making the right decision by purchasing from you.

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