EP. 79 // Restarting Something You Quit

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Let’s face it, getting back into the groove of things is not as simple as just hitting the record button again. When you’re on the wild ride of entrepreneurship and adapting to changes, you may need to put a few things on pause/ 

We put together a 10-step guide to restarting anything you’ve hit pause on:

  1. Reflect on Why You Stopped: Figure out what made you stop in the first place so you don’t trip over the same hurdles.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Use those good old SMART goals to keep your comeback on track.
  3. Start Small: Don’t go overboard. Begin with bite-sized tasks that you can actually manage.
  4. Create a Plan: Map out your steps to hit those goals.
  5. Seek Support: Make sure you’ve got a cheer squad or some extra hands to help out.
  6. Stay Flexible: Be ready to roll with the punches because things never go perfectly.
  7. Celebrate Progress: High-five yourself for every little win.
  8. Learn from Setbacks: Use hiccups as stepping stones to get better.
  9. Stay Consistent: Keep at it regularly to build momentum.
  10. Embrace a Growth Mindset: Forgive yourself for the break, and come back with a fresh, positive attitude.

Don’t forget that taking a break can help you return with a new perspective. Forgive yourself for needing a break and hit the reset button with renewed energy and a clear plan.