EP. 66 // Getting Unstuck In Your Business. With EOS Implementer, Jennifer Deroin

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If you’re not sick of us talking about how EOS (The Entrepreneur Operating System) has completely changed our businesses, you’re not going to want to miss this conversation with the woman behind it all. Jennifer has been doing the work with us here at Ampersand over the past 3 months as we have begun our EOS journey, and on this episode, she gives a high-level overview of what EOS is, who it’s for, and why she believes in the power that it gives teams to live their best EOS lives.

What is the EOS life? It’s one where you

  1. Do what you love every day
  2. With the people you love doing it with
  3. While at the same time making a huge impact
  4. Getting compensated well for doing it
  5. and with time for other passions

If that sounds good, plug in and hit play! We know you will be as obsessed with Jennifer as we are.

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