Ep. 51 // The Triumphs and Challenges of Scaling a Business

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In this episode, Frannie Wilson, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Ampersand Studios, shares her experience of building a full-service brand agency in Boise, Idaho, and the challenges of scaling a business. Frannie has played many roles in the business and has now shifted to a more big picture role, navigating the expansion and growth of the company.

Frannie explains that small business owners often struggle with creating a brand and marketing it, and Ampersand Studios helps them develop brand parameters and content creation. She also shares how she and her business partner Nicole have scaled the company through the mindset shift of delegating tasks to others and creating an accountability chart.

Frannie talks about the importance of stepping back as a leader and allowing the team to take on day-to-day tasks, ensuring that everyone has ownership and accountability. She also emphasizes the importance of aligning voice and visuals to tell a balanced brand story and attract potential clients.

The conversation also touches on the challenges of scaling a business, the importance of having a trusted person to guide you, and the importance of being honest and straightforward in business relationships. Finally, Frannie shares her insights on building a brand on social media, emphasizing the need to dial in brand messaging, create different types of content for different stages of the buyer process, and not put too much pressure on aesthetics.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and advice for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale their businesses and build a strong brand.

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