ep. 35 // Aging Powerfully with purpose

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We sat down with the amazing Jo-Ellen Watson of Gray Into Gold to discuss what it means to age and why you are never “to old” to start a business and/or find your purpose. ⁠

Jo-Ellen is one of the most fascinating people we have had the pleasure to work with, and we knew that she would be able to drop some mad wisdom on our audience…and we were RIGHT!⁠

About Joellen

After receiving a BA in Sociology from Washington State University, I moved to Seattle, residing there for fifty years. I enjoyed the excitement of a large city and took full advantage of all the career and social opportunities. I continued to excel at my work and education endeavors, receiving advanced degrees including years of additional training in health and mental health care. My careers equipped me with valuable skills and experiences all of which I now draw on in my coaching and training services.

Like many of you reading this story, I have experienced a significant amount of trauma and loss in my life. My employment as a veterinary technician, ambulance EMT, social worker in a trauma unit, and later first responder mental health crisis worker, while all professionally rewarding, took a personal toll. In my 30’s I experienced a life threatening  abduction and assault by a stranger. I escaped the situation without bodily injury, but coupled with my childhood trauma, I suffered from PTSD for years before receiving help.

On my journey I have benefited from the compassionate care of mental health providers, including a psychiatrist I worked with after the adult trauma. He told me he was impressed with my ability to repeatedly reinvent myself each time, evolving into a better, stronger version of myself. After one session he exclaimed, “You are like the Phoenix Rising”; hence the name of my coaching services.

I share this part of my story so that you know I am able to understand the emotional pain you have endured and might currently be experiencing. While I may not know your experience exactly, I am able to relate to the feelings of confusion, and loss, and questions about what to do next. I also know that healing, transformation, power, and revitalization are within your reach.

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