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Begins October 4th, 2023

A 6 month Mastermind
and Coaching Program
for Wedding Photographers
Who are Ready to Change Things Up

Reclaim Your

book Repeat clientele all year long?

Work when the rest of the world is working?

Turn around projects in weeks, not months? (or years!)

Ever wonder what your business would be like if you could...

During our decade long wedding photography career, we joked with our friends that we could only come to their weddings if we were shooting them.
(Let's be real, it was no joke.)

That's because booking almost  every weekend between May-October was crucial to the success of our business. Now that we have growing families, we love having our summers back- and that's just one of the perks of running a brand photography studio.

Inside this 6 month coaching program, we'll walk you through every little thing you need to know, setup, and be ready for in order to make the same career pivot that we did over 6 years ago.(And we're so glad we did!)

Skip the trial and error.

We've already done all the work for you.

Jump in... we've got you.

We Know.


You'll have full direct access to Frannie and Nichole. We're a completely open book. Ask us anything and we'll share our experiences and best practices for building a vibrant brand photography business that is seamless, efficient, and lucrative. In order to give high-touch coaching to every photographer who joins, we're limiting this experience to only 10 spots. Prepare to get comfy with your group.

Support and learn from each other along the way as well as from your coaches.


Oct. 4th 1pm: Group Coaching Call: Welcome / Q+A
Oct. 11th 12pm-4pm: Group Brandstorming


Nov. 1st 1pm: Group Coaching Call
Early Nov. Date TBD: Contracts + Legal Matters
(With Guest Speaker The Legal Paige)
Nov. 15th 1pm: Live Pricing Workshop / Training


Dec. 6th 1pm: Group Coaching Call
Dec. 13th 1pm: Discovery Call Training


Jan. 3rd 1pm: Group Coaching Call
Jan. 17th: Pre-Production / Styling Call Deep Dive


Feb. 7th 1pm: Group Coaching Call
Feb. 21st 1pm: Post Production Workflow Training


Mar. 6th 1pm: Group Coaching Call
TBD: Wrap up call with lingering topics based on demand

What's Included:

Connect with the others in the group, post questions, comments, and anything you need feedback on. Get support from our coaches and team daily, and find all Mastermind resources easily with organized channels.

We'll address issues as a group that have come up in the slack community, answer questions, and take hot seat coaching sessions live via Zoom. Members will have the opportunity to share what they need to work on specifically, and get help from the coaches as well as offer support to each other. *These calls will always be on the first Wednesday of each month at 1pm MST.*

Our first activity is going to be a doozy, and you're not going to want to miss it. October 11th from 12-4pm MST we're going to get all up in your business.

You're going to need to re-think the way you're showing up and how you want to market yourself. Not sure yet if you're ready to totally cut the cord on weddings and portraits? Do you need a new website or Instagram, or can you combine it with your current one? What about a niche? So many things to work through. Don't worry about answering all those questions just yet. We'll get to it all in a group Brandstorming Session. You'll walk out of this with a ton of clarity around what you want to spend the next 6 months building.


Important dates to note. Each month, your resources, swipe files, templates, and workflows will be added to a Google Drive folder as they correspond with the trainings for that month. Ex: when we host the pricing workshop, you'll get our pricing breakdown, Canva template for your own studio pricing guide, related email templates, and anything else that we discuss during that workshop. For now, here's an outline of the topics of focus for each month.

We've chunked out the main things that we credit our studio's success to into a handful of trainings/workshops. Members will get to hear from our team of experts on topics like sales/discovery calls, pre-production and styling workflow, pricing, post-production/editing/delivery systems, and more. We may add more trainings throughout depending on what the group is needing the most help with. There will also be a guest training from a legal professional to answer questions pertaining to contracts and other legal matters that may come up.

There's a lot that goes along with operating a brand photography studio. We have so many tools that we've created and perfected over the years that take the guesswork out of pretty much everything we do here. You'll get ALL OF IT. Throughout the 6 months, as we teach on different topics, you'll have access to materials like email swipe files for onboarding clients, Asana task workflows for project management, Canva templates for presentation decks, Lightroom presets that make editing a breeze, contracts, job descriptions and management tools for when you're ready to build a team, studio gear lists, customer surveys, and the list goes on. We're handing it all over. It's yours to do what you want with. Change it up, make it your own, build a new version, or just roll with what we know works! It's up to you.

We've partnered with The Legal Paige to bring you a ready to rock contract for your Brand Photography Studio, and we're excited to have Paige as a guest speaker to chat with the group about everything contracts and the legal side of running a brand photography studio.


Q: Is this only for current photographers?

A: Yes. This is an advanced / high level coaching program designed for photographers who are already working in weddings and portraits who are looking to make the switch to branding. This is NOT a technical workshop in photography for beginners. While we will be sharing our systems for photographing and lighting clients and spaces, we assume that you understand and are familiar with photography basic lingo, terminology, and have manual photography technical skills.

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Q: I'm in. What are the next steps?

A: If you're ready to jump in, you can join here.

Q: What are all the important dates of the program?

A: Our first group call will be Wednesday, October 4th at 1pm, MST. Then there will be a live group zoom call and at least 1 deep-dive training each month.