7 Steps To Building An Intentional Brand

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Ready to embark on an adventure of creating an intentional brand that will make heads turn and hearts skip a beat? You’re certainly not alone. As branding experts, we hear “HELP! I just want to look and feel consistent in my branding” literally all the time. Well, buckle up and throw out that SOS sign – because we’re about to teach you the art of brand building, and we promise it will be worth the work!

Step 1: Find Your Superpowers! 🦸‍♂️

First things first, let’s identify your Really Cool Thing (RCT) or Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What’s the special sauce that sets you apart from your competitors? Maybe it’s your mind-blowing product features, your out-of-this-world customer service, or your wickedly awesome company culture. Embrace your superpowers and let them shine! And don’t be afraid to talk about them on social media!

Step 2: Mission: Possible! 🌟

Get ready to define your mission statement. You know, the quest that fuels your brand’s existence. What’s the grand transformation you want to bring to your customers’ lives? Think big, dream bigger! Your mission is like a superhero’s mission: to make the world a better place, one customer at a time.

Step 3: Values: The Heart and Soul ❤️

Let’s get to the heart and soul of your brand – your values. These are the guiding principles that light up your path to business success. Honesty, transparency, and accountability are some examples, but feel free to add your own flavor. At Ampersand “fun” and “integrity” are two of our core values. Your values make you trustworthy and create a bond with your customers that’s stronger than superglue or duct tape!

Step 4: Talk the Talk! 🗣️

Alright, it’s time to give your brand a voice that resonates with your favorite clients. Craft your brand messaging – the language and tone you’ll use to communicate with your audience. Speak their language, address their pain points, and make them feel like they’ve found their long-lost BFF. Your words will work magic, trust us! Infuse your brand voice into literally every piece of brand content you create.

Step 5: Dress to Impress! 👗

Now, let’s put on your brand’s best outfit – its visual identity! We’re talking logos, colors, and typography, baby! This is where your brand gets its unique look and feel. Choose colors that pop and fonts that make hearts flutter. When your visual identity is on point, heads will turn whenever you make an appearance. Consistency is key here– so make sure you’re creating and using fonts and logos that are unique but are readable (we’re looking at you swirly script). 

Step 6: Consistency is Key! 🗝️

Remember, consistency is the secret sauce to building a brand that sticks! Keep your visual identity, brand messaging, and tone consistent across all platforms. Whether it’s your website, social media profiles, or carrier pigeons (we don’t recommend it but… hey, why not?), people should instantly recognize your brand and say, “Hey, that’s my favorite brand!”

Step 7: Time to Splurge! 💰

Investing in your brand is like throwing a party where everyone wants to be on the guest list. Hire a pro designer or copywriter, dip your toes into social media advertising, or go wild with a kick-ass marketing campaign. The more you invest in your brand, the more it shows your dedication to your business and your customers. And who doesn’t love a brand that goes all out?

Creating an intentional brand is like taking a roller coaster ride filled with excitement, creativity, and a touch of magic. Define your superpowers, rock your mission, embrace your values, dress to impress, talk the talk, stay consistent, and splurge when you can.

Now go out there and create a brand that will make your competitors green with envy and your customers jump for joy. We believe in you, and we’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Ready, set, brand!