3 Social Media Trends You Need to Know Today! (Because They Might Change Tomorrow!)

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May I interest you in a snack? Oh weird, that’s our first tip! Let’s get right into it.


Trends shift frequently around how long content should be in order to keep people engaged. A year ago, we were encouraging long-form captions and IGTV videos on instagram- but right now the snack is where it’s at.

It seems our species is devolving to have even shorter attention spans- so shoot, why not take advantage of the excuse to make short and sweet content? I’m here for it! It’s still just as important as ever to give quality value, but the more succinct you can be, the better.

Oh, you want an equation? Let the people know what they’re going to get from your content whether it be an email, caption, video, reel, or blog post- then use lists or bullets to make it easily digestible. And end it with a call to action because if you don’t ask for it, the viewer will just scroll right on to the next shiny object.


I didn’t say quantity > quality. HUGE difference there. We care about visuals, and we think you should too when you’re building a brand. It’s not about making a $%&#-ton of content and spraying it all over the place. It’s about having a valuable or entertaining message.

Hold on… let’s not make garbage either. You should still have brand standards that include intentional colors, lighting, and especially audio when we’re talking about video content. However, it doesn’t need to be overly produced.

If you have something that will provide value to your audience, get it out there even if you don’t bring in the whole crew! You don’t need to have fancy gear to stand out as an industry leader. In fact, the trend is leaning toward less produced content performing better. The reason is because it’s more relatable, therefore it makes you come across more real and approachable.

Think about a healthy balance in your content strategy between professional photography, on-brand design, and polished copy paired with some off-the-cuff video in stories, fun reels shot on your phone that show personality, and even some live videos that you save to IGTV. They can all live together on your feed and tell a well-rounded story that overall puts out intentional brand vibes.


Whether we like it or not, people are consuming video content and engaging with it more than ever- and way more than static images. After the rise of TikTok over the past couple of years, Instagram has responded with it’s short-form videos- Reels, and now the two social media monsters have kicked off one mad dance battle with each other.

Video content has always been the best way to capture new followers, and Reels is no exception. When you are making a first impression on a potential client, video is going to be the fastest way for you to establish a connection with them.

In our course, The Unbreakable Brand, we teach about the buyer’s journey and how to speak to your ideal customer in each phase of the journey. When someone is in the awareness phase (Just finding out about you) video is where you want to focus your attention. But it won’t bring them all the way through to commitment. Your other content forms  (Photos, copy, lists, graphics) will bring it home over time.

A good way to plan and brainstorm your video content is to speak to your warm audience (People who already know/like/trust you) in your IG stories. And create reels and video ads for your cold audience and people who might be new to your world.

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