Ep. 2 // Overcoming being told “No.”

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Nichole hangs out with Jen Bobodzhanov as they discuss the challenges and resiliency of being a woman in business. Jen is a Barre3 franchise owner and life coach with an amazing fitness and entrepreneurship journey.

About Jen

Jen Bobodzhanov knew she wanted to open a barre3 studio after her first class, she’d been a small business owner for over 20 years and was intrigued with the idea of bringing work life balance to her family in a way that REALLY helped people become healthier and happier. Two years later she visited Boise and fell in love with the people and the climate and the lifestyle. Her family left their hometown of 30 plus years to “create a life they would not need a vacation from” which included opening Idaho’s first barre3 studio in Eagle in 2017. When she is not in the studio she enjoys hiking, skiing and paddle boarding with her husband Alex and their 4 kids.

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